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Services and Procedure

Passengers to ITCI at A1 Taipei Main Station

There are two ways to check in:

1.Bring the plane ticket and the passport to the airline counter for check-in and have your luggage checked-in too.

2.Use the self-help check-in machine to check-in and then go to the self-baggage check-in machine to have the luggage checked.

Passengers wait for their luggage to pass the X-ray security screening.

• Checked luggage is delivered by Taoyuan Airport MRT Express Train to A13 of Terminal II of the airport.Checked luggage is grouped at Terminal II at the airport and then will be loaded onto the aircraft.

•Passengers according to their flight time pick a time to take the MRT to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport and board the aircraft

In-Town Check-In (ITCI) Service 

  • The service is available at the ITCI area at the Taoyuan MRT Airport Line on B1 level at A1 Taipei Main Station.
  • Service time: 06:00 to 21:30 (the service is closed three hours prior to takeoff.)*.
  • For other usage regulation, please contact Taoyuan International Airport Company In-Town Check-in Service Website

  • *The operating hours of airline service counters vary according to the flight. Before using the service, please contact the airline for more details.